Theta Brain Waves Information

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What Are Theta Brain Waves?

Theta Brain Waves are the second slowest frequency of brain waves.  They typically cycle at a rate of 4-7 times per second (4 Hz – 7 Hz).  Theta Brain Waves have long been associated with early stages of sleep and the process of dreaming.  Theta Brain Waves are of high amplitude and usually kick in when you experience powerful surges of emotion.  Theta Waves have been associated with states of enhanced creativity, “Super Learning,” deeper relaxation, day-dreaming, and sleep-dream activity.

Theta Brain Waves can kick in when you have a spiritual experience or while you are in a highly-creative state.  On other occasions, Theta Waves may dominate our brain wave activity when we are not able to concentrate.  People with attention-deficit problems (ADD and ADHD) are not able to shift out of the Theta State when events that require focus (i.e. Taking a test) arise.  This makes school work much harder for people with attention problems.  However, the majority of healthy people are able to naturally shift their brainwave state from Beta to Alpha to Theta and back from Theta to Alpha to Beta in cases where extreme mental focus is required.

How You Can Experience Theta Brain Waves?

You can learn to tap the inner creativity that many famous artists are able to experience with Theta Brain Waves.  You can develop and increase a spiritual connection and experience deeper levels of both physical and mental relaxation.  There are many quality brainwave products available that will significantly aid you in the process of increasing your Theta Brain Waves.  If you are interested in reading about more of the benefits associated with the Theta Brain Waves state, then continue reading below for more information.

Benefits Of Theta Brain Waves

If you are able to recall how relaxed and carefree you were as a child, then you are able to remember what it felt like to access your Theta Brain Waves.  Children tend to have significantly higher amounts of Theta Waves than do adults – which is why children are not generally as stressed out as their parents.  Children are able to say what’s on their mind and not be fearful of trying something new; this is the Theta Brainwave State.

Accessing your Theta Brain Waves means having a deeper emotional connection with yourself.  Generally, people have much stronger emotions – whether they be happy or sad – while in the Theta Range.  If you have been too caught up in the Beta State for an extended period of time – chances are good that you forgot what your natural emotions feel like.  Some Theta Bainwave Entrainment will get you more closely connected with your inner self and back to experiencing natural emotions – not artificially or stress-induced ones.

Not to mention, Theta Waves have been linked to having a strong intuition.  Have you ever gotten a strong “gut-feeling” about something and your gut turned out to be right?  Well, it has been proven that Theta Brainwaves are accessed when you have an instinctual-type “feeling” in the pit of your stomach.  Much of the time, our gut-instinct turns out to be right – even when our logical Beta Brainwaves want to take over.  Other benefits from having more Theta brainwave activity include:  A connection to your subconscious mind or subconscious processing, advanced problem solving, and learning ability.

Each and every day, you receive subconscious programming from your environment that you may not be aware of.  This information and processing cycles into your brain and has actually been found to have an influence on behavior.  You can benefit from tapping your Theta Waves to connect with your subconsicous because it will allow you to reprogram your brain with ideas and beliefs that you truly want to believe.  This helps you avoid falling victim to environmentally induced thought patterns.

People with Theta Waves have been known to be able to think far more creatively than those who don’t.  Usually musicians, painters, designers, or anyone with a job that involves a certain degree of creativity – has more Theta Waves than average.  It has also been found that people with lower levels of anxiety, stress, and neurosis – are able to maintain stable Theta Brainwave activity.

Theta Brain Wave activity has also been noted among individuals who are able to learn quickly.  This is due to the fact that like Alpha Waves, Theta Brain Waves can induce a similar state of “Super Learning.”  In fact, the Theta State of “Super Learning” has been found to be the most powerful state for learning a new language.

This makes perfect sense due to the fact that children (who have high amounts of Theta activity) are able to learn new languages much more quickly and easily than adults.  Additional Theta Brainwave benefits are:  Long-term memory improvements, improvements in the healing of the brain and body, the ability to hyperfocus (i.e. Get in”The Zone”), and boosted immune system functioning (as is true with all forms of slower brainwave).

People With Theta Brain Waves

Groups of people that already experience Theta Waves include:  people who meditate, people who are extroverted, children, artists, and inventors.  Meditation can allow you to tap into you your Theta Brain Waves quickly and experience a deeper connection with your subconscious. It has been documented that Theta Brain Waves also occur in extroverts when they communicate and during emotional bonding.

The same applies to children who have a deep emotional attachment to their other family members.  If you care deeply about someone on an emotional level – you understand how powerful Theta Brain Waves can be.  Creative artists and inventors that are able to think of brilliant new ideas know and understand how to utilize their Theta Brain Waves.  If you woule like to access the Theta Brainwave state, then I recommend testing out some of these scientifically-supported brainwave entrainment products.

Beta Brain Waves Information

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What Are Beta Brain Waves?

Beta Brain Waves are considered to be among the fastest brainwave frequencies and are documented as brain waves within the frequency range of 12 Hz – 38 Hz (or 12 to 38 cycles per second).  They are typically produced by the left hemisphere of your brain, but can be synchronized.  Each time you solve a tough math problem, logic puzzle, or read a book, your Beta Brain Waves kick in.

People who think logically tend to have a lot of Beta Brainwave activity.  Adults tend to have more Beta Brainwaves than children and teens – and Beta Brain Waves have been known to increase as you get older.  In the majority of healthy adults, Beta Waves seem to be the dominant rhythm.  Beta Waves have also been associated with an increased ability to focus on our external reality.  When we experience too many Beta Brain Waves, there can be problems like stress and anxiety.  However, when produced in normal amounts, there are definitely many benefits to be had from experiencing Beta Brain Waves.

How Can You Experience Beta Brain Waves?

If you want to experience logical thinking, the ability to think more critically, and cultivate the ability to be quick-witted, then you may want to experience Beta Brain Waves.  People who have increased their Beta Waves have been known to increase their I.Q. and productivity.  Beta Brain Waves have also been associated as being a natural antidepressant (similar to Gamma Brain Waves).  People have recorded that they were able to experience more motivation after increasing their Beta Brainwaves.

Tapping the highly energetic mental state of Beta is very possible now that there is such solid, scientifically supported brainwave technology.  Cultivating brainwave flexibility by learning how to access other brainwave states of awareness like Beta is a valuable skill.  There are many benefits and new experiences that can be had by experiencing an altered state of consciousness.  If you’d like to experience Beta Brain Waves, I suggest that you check out some brainwave products – many of which you can test out for free before you buy.  Read below for more benefits that result from Beta Brainwave Entrainment.

Benefits Of Beta Brain Waves

If you are able to access your Beta Brainwave state, you will know and understand exactly what it feels like.  When you are in a Beta State, you are far from relaxed.  You may have a lot of energy in the form of nervousness, excitement, or anxiety.  When you are in a Beta Brainwaves state, you are able to think rapidly and quickly come up with logical solutions to problems.  The Beta Waves state is ideal for solving math problems, conducting research, reading books, and writing articles.  Each time a student takes a test, they experience a large surge in their Beta Brainwave activity.

Another side-effect from having lots of Beta Wave activity is being more socially outgoing.  Talk-show hosts, lawyers, radio announcers, and people involved in debates tend to experience significant increases in their Beta Brainwave activity each time they begin talking.  Beta Waves increase your ability to hold an interesting and stimulating conversation with others.  You also have feelings of excitement and energy while talking to someone else.

Due to the fact that excitement and nervous energy accompany the Beta Range, many people experience leaps in their motivation to take action.  If you’ve ever read about someone being able to perform an amazing feat out of fear (i.e. out of adrenaline), then you understand that these Beta Waves can be highly motivating and action-oriented.  If you’ve ever run away from someone because you were scared – your Beta Brain Waves kicked in at their highest levels.

It is natural that people become more goal oriented when their Beta Waves dominate their mental activity.  Though they may be using this fear or excitement type energy, it does produce results.  You can get a heck of a lot better performance out of someone who is performing as if their life depended on it – versus someone who is calm and not very concerned with how they end up performing.  It is because of this increase in energy from the Beta State that sometimes peak performance is associated with the higher-range Beta frequencies.

If you want higher levels of focus, to think quickly and efficiently, and be able to have more energy – then Beta Brain Waves are the exact frequency range you are looking for.  In healthy amounts, Beta Brain Waves can greatly improve your writing and literary ability and can even increase your I.Q.  If you are interested in experiencing the Beta Brain Wave Range for yourself, check out the products section and try a free 30 day trial.

Gamma Brain Waves Information

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What Are Gamma Brain Waves?

The fastest documented brainwave frequency range is that of Gamma Brain Waves – which oscillate within the range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz.  Gamma Brain Waves have the smallest amplitude on an E.E.G. in comparison to the other four basic types of brainwave frequencies.  Gamma Brain Waves have long been considered the brain’s information and sensory-binding brainwave – or the brainwave that is able to link and process information from all parts of the brain.  Having high amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity has been associated with:  having high levels of intelligence, being compassionate, having high amounts of self-control, and feelings of natural happiness.

Gamma Brain Waves have also been linked to having a great memory and an increased perception of reality.  People lacking in Gamma Brainwaves tend to experience difficulties with learning and mental processing.  Usually people with impaired or retarded mental functioning tend to have significantly less Gamma Brainwave activity than those who have average and above-average intelligences.  There seems to be a correlation with higher amounts of Gamma Brainwave activity and increased brain functioning ability.

How Can You Experience Gamma Brain Waves?

If you want to experience boosted mental processing speed, a better perception of reality, and want to get a richer-sensory experience, then you should definitely consider increasing your Gamma Brain Waves.  People have reported being able to learn quicker and being able to maintain a laser-like focus after listening to Gamma Waves.  I.Q. scores have also been noted to increase after one’s Gamma Brain Waves increase.

Tapping an increased perception of reality and higher-internal energy is now more possible than ever before with Gamma Brainwave Entrainment technology.  Cultivating brainwave flexibility by learning to access other brainwave states of awareness like Gamma is a great skill to learn.  There are many benefits and new experiences that can be had by experiencing an altered state of consciousness.  If you’d like to experience Gamma Brain Waves, I suggest that you check out some brainwave products – many of which you can test out for free before you buy.

Benefits Of Gamma Brain Waves

People with higher amounts of Gamma Brainwaves are lucky due to the fact that they will often experience improvements in memory and their ability to vividly recall past experiences.  One frequency in the Gamma Waves range, which cycles 40 times per second (e.g. At a rate of 40 Hz), has been known to regulate memory processing in the brain.  If you are currently having difficulty remembering information like:  names, dates, events, plans, etc. – you would likely benefit from increasing your Gamma Brainwave range.

Gamma Brain Waves are also known to boost your perception of reality through your five senses.  Gamma Brainwave activity is responsible for making smells more powerful, increasing your visual acuity, sharpening your hearing, and making foods taste better.  Those who lack Gamma Brain Waves may have the same foods or be put in the same environment, but their brain’s will not have as much sensory-rich processing as individuals with Gamma activity.

The Gamma Brainwave range is able to properly combine or “bind” your senses and memory together for one ultimate experience.  This is why on a memorable night you’ll often remember the music that was playing, the aroma of the atmosphere, what you saw, the foods you ate, etc.  The Gamma Brain Wave state is an incredibly focused one and allows us to get the richest possible sensory experience as a result of our external world.

Gamma Brain Waves have also been linked with the ability to process large amounts of information in relatively small amounts of time.  Think of having more Gamma Activity as getting a processor upgrade for your brain.  People without much Gamma activity literally cannot imagine what they are missing out on – unless they have experienced Gamma activity before.

One of the best side-effects from Gamma Brainwave Entrainment is that you’ll naturally begin to feel more compassionate towards others and internally happier.  Gamma Brain Waves have been documented as being a powerful antidepressant-type brainwave.  This makes complete sense due the fact that people suffering from clinical depression tend to have lower-than-average amounts of Gamma Brain Waves.

People With Gamma Brain Waves

Everyone has some Gamma Brainwave activity, but some groups of people have more Gamma activity than others.  People with plenty of Gamma Brainwave activity include:  People in advanced stages of meditation and people living in a state of peak-performance.  Gamma Brain Waves is the most common brainwave state for top-notch athletic performers to be in when they perform perfectly (i.e. When Tiger Woods sinks put from far away OR when an Olympic performer receives a perfect score from the judges).

Other people with high amounts of Gamma Brain Waves include:  Quick-learners, highly-motivated and ambitious individuals, and people with a lot of focused mental activity.  If you are above average intelligence or among a group of top-athletic performers, chances are good that you already know what Gamma Brainwaves feel like.  For the rest of us, we usually need to learn ways that we can naturally increase our Gamma Brain Waves.  If you want to experience what the Gamma Brainwave range feels like, then I recommend testing out some great brainwave entrainment products.

Delta Brain Waves Information

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What Are Delta Brain Waves?

Delta Brain Waves are the brain’s slowest frequency range cycling at a rate of 1-4 times per second (e.g. 1 Hz – 4 Hz). Delta Brain Waves become active in your brain when you are in the deeper stages of sleep (e.g. stage 3 and stage 4). They are associated with being completely unconscious (i.e. you usually won’t know or remember anything while Delta Waves are dominant). Delta Brain Waves have been known to oscillate throughout all parts of the brain and are not usually synchronized. Of all brainwave ranges, the Delta Waves have the greatest amplitude and are responsible for the slowest form of mental processing.

Having access to the Delta Brainwave state not only implies that we are in a deep stage of sleep though. In some cases, people can learn to increase their delta activity. People with high amounts of Delta Waves have been found to have increased empathy (or understanding of others’ emotions). Other interesting effects have been documented as a side-effect of having Delta Brainwaves.

Delta Brain Waves Benefits

Delta Brain Waves have been proven to have a number of beneficial side-effects.  When Delta Brain Waves increase, so does your natural ability to:  Release Anti-Aging hormones, tap an increased amount of empathy (understanding how others feel), heal the mind and repair your muscles, and access the deepest possible states of relaxation.  Other side-effects as a result of Delta Brain Waves include:  the release of natural growth hormone, the release of melatonin, connecting with your intuition and accessing deep states of spirituality.

Another great thing about Delta Brain Waves is that they have been known to reduce levels of cortisol in your body.  Cortisol is a hormone released when you are under stress that basically kills off brain cells and can cause damage to parts of your body.  Cortisol has been linked to quicker aging, while having less cortisol has been known to be associated with anti-aging.  For some individuals with high amounts of stress, Delta Brain Waves may also work great at reducing adrenaline levels.

The great thing about Delta brainwaves is that they are able to connect you with deeper parts of your unconscious mind.  Even though you must travel down through Alpha Brain Waves and Theta Brain Waves before you can reach Delta, many people are able to greatly appreciate a Delta Brainwaves experience.  If you spend too much time caught up in the higher ranges of brain waves, then chances are you may be able to benefit from Delta Waves, especially if you increase them right before you go to bed.  Since Delta Brainwaves are associated with sleep, listening to a brainwave entrainment session in the Delta frequency range of 1 Hz to 4 Hz will do a nice job at helping you fall asleep.

Advanced monk meditators have also been known to access the Delta Brain Waves range when they practice meditation.  The average, less experienced meditator usually is only able to acess the Alpha or Theta Brainwaves range.  However, if you practice long enough and get proper training, you too will be able to tap into your Delta awareness.  Having a brainwave pattern that is dominated by Delta Brainwaves is impossible if the person is awake.  Many people have also reported having spiritual experiences and sometimes O.O.B.E. (Out-Of-Body-Experiences) while having Delta Brainwave activity.  These paranormal experiences are more common if a person has access to slower levels of their Brain Waves.

People With Delta Brain Waves

Typically, Delta Brain Waves are most commonly documented in E.E.G. brain activity while a person is asleep.  However, other individuals like:  babies, very young children, monks/advanced meditators, people who have had Near-Death-Experiences, people suffering from brain damage, and people with brain damage have also been known to have higher than average amounts of Delta Brain Waves.

If you saw a boxer get K.O.’d (Knocked-Out), he would have been experiencing Delta Brain Waves.  If you have ever been put to sleep with anesthesia, you were knocked into your Delta Brain Waves state.  Other individuals who lack focus and suffer from attention-deficit can also have high amounts of Delta Brain Waves – even though having Theta Waves is more common.

How Can You Increase Your Delta Brain Waves?

Cultivating brainwave flexibility by learning how to access other brainwave states of awareness like Delta is very enjoyable.  There are many benefits and new experiences that can be had by experiencing an altered state of consciousness.  If you’d like to experience Delta Brain Waves, I suggest that you check out some brainwave products – many of which you can test out for free before you buy.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology Information

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Brainwave Entrainment – General Information

“Brainwave Entrainment” is the process of changing your brain’s electrical activity to match a form of sound or light stimulation.  In order to entrain brain waves, people usually use binaural beats, isochronic tones, monaural beats, or in other cases, a mind-machine.  Light goggles can be utilized for light stimulation, though this method is typically not as effective as sound stimulation.  A combination of light and sound entrainment can also be used.

Every time your brain is stimulated, it produces a corresponding electrical response (changes your brain wave activity to align with that specific stimulus frequency).  For example, if an isochronic tone was played at 10 Hz and you sat near speakers to listen for awhile, your brainwave activity would shift to come in alignment with the 10 Hz Alpha frequency.  You would likely begin to feel more relaxed, comfortable and less stressed.  Similarly, if you entrained a frequency of 20 Hz Beta (e.g. brainwaves that make 20 cycles per second), you would begin to have more anxious energy and get more excited.

Brainwave Entrainment Can Occur Naturally

Brainwave entrainment can occur naturally too. For example:  If you were around a person playing a drum steadily – maintaining a steady rhythm – your brainwaves would entrain to match that frequency.  If he was beating the drum at around 7 Hz (or 7 cycles per second), you would begin to feel deeply relaxed and may reach a very different state of awareness, also called an “altered state of consciousness.”  Each time your brain’s electrical activity comes in alignment with the rhythm of a sound (via your ears) or flashing light (via your eyes), this is called brainwave entrainment.  The ability for your brain to match the sound or light frequency that you are exposed to is called the “Frequency Following Response.”

What Is “Frequency Following Response?”

Frequency Following Response is helpful because it allows you to manipulate your brainwaves with brainwave entrainment technology in order to help you reach the state of awareness that you want to experience.  If you want to relax, you can play some Alpha Brainwave Entrainment tones.  If you want to have more energy, you can play some Beta Brainwave Entrainment frequencies.

If you’d like to have a nice deep session of meditation, you can entrain to Theta Brainwaves.  The point is that you can reach whatever state of awareness you want with this entrainment technology.  (SIDE NOTE: For more information about mental states you can entrain to, check out the Brainwave Frequency Chart Listing).  You can entrain your brainwaves to help you:  improve your focus, tap your inner creativity, go deeper into meditation, be more relaxed and less anxious, and even to help you overcome depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit problems.

Brainwave Entrainment Technology Research

Brainwave Entrainment has been extensively researched for over 50 years, and there have been no documented problems with the technology.  It probably makes you wonder why this technology isn’t more popular.  Why haven’t you heard about brainwave entrainment before?

The answer is simple:  It doesn’t get promoted due to the fact that most people are looking for a “new pill” to cure their problems.  Since people are looking to find a new medication for every single one of their problems, the big pharmaceuticals promote their new pills like crazy.  What happens?  People looking for a new form of treatment or “new fix,” test out a new drug instead of taking the time to target the root of their problems which originates in their brain waves.

Even though there is plenty of phenomenal research about brainwave entrainment, people are way too skeptical and don’t understand the science behind the process – therefore assuming it can’t possibly work and not even giving it a chance.  With that said, many professionals including: psychotherapists, psychologists, and mental health clinicians are discovering how great this brainwave entrainment technology actually works.

If you head to the recommended products section of this website, you can get a free 30 day trial of at least 2 of the top 3 brainwave entrainment products listed.  There’s absolutely zero risk that comes with testing brainwave entrainment out for yourself.  The facts indicate that brainwave entrainment is clearly one of the most powerful mind development tools ever to be invented.

Alpha Brain Waves Information

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Alpha Brain Waves Background Information

Alpha Brain Waves are brain waves within the documented frequency range of 8 Hz to 12 Hz on an E.E.G. and were the first brainwave frequency range to be discovered.  In 1908, an Austrian research psychiatrist was the first individual to find “brain waves.”  He happened to have found the range of brain waves cycling at a rate of 8 Hz to 12 Hz per second.  He named them Alpha Waves (“Alpha” translates to “first” in Greek) due to the fact that they were the first brainwave range to be found and observed in an electroencephalograph (E.E.G.).

Thousands of brainwave researchers have taken the time to learn more about our brainwave frequencies and states of consciousness.  Researchers have found that Alpha Brain Waves are associated with states of peace and relaxation.  Not everyone even has Alpha Brain Waves due to the fact that they diminish when you get stressed out, nervous, or tense.  If this is the case, your brain will shift to a fast-paced state of mind consisting of Beta Brain Waves.

When you take the time to breath deeply, meditate, or close your eyes, there will be a big increase in the amount of alpha brainwave activity inside your brain.  Alpha Brain Waves are not the slowest brain waves though.  Theta Brain Waves, which cycle from 4 Hz to 7 Hz (e.g. 4-7 times per second) are associated with early stages of sleep.  Even slower than Theta Waves is range of Delta Brain Waves which cycle from 1 Hz to 4 Hz (e.g. 1-4 times per second).  Delta Brain Waves are associated with deep sleep and being completely unconscious.

How You Can Experience Alpha Brain Waves

If you want to improve the overall functioning of your brain and improve the quality of your life, you should work to increase your Alpha Brainwave activity.  This will do all of the following:  improve your ability to learn, significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels, bring you to a state of peak performance and mental processing, enhance your immune system, allow you to think outside the box (i.e. be more creative), and help you stay relaxed.  Check out the  Brainwave Entrainment technology section and read below for more information discussing the benefits you can experience from increasing your Alpha Brain Waves.

Benefits of Alpha Brain Waves

Due to the fact that many people are short on Alpha Brain Waves, it is a good idea to learn how they can be increased.  People who suffer from anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, or other stress related problems usually are not able to reap the benefits of the alpha brain waves range.  Though each brainwave state has benefits, it is most common that people are lacking the alpha range.

When a person is lacking in alpha brainwave activity, rapid thinking and overthinking usually occur.  They may get adrenaline rushes and lack the ability to concentrate.  Think of Alpha Brain Waves as the third gear on a four speed bike.  You need to be able to shift from the fastest paced fourth gear (Beta) in order to get to third gear (Alpha), and you need to shift from the third gear in order to get to second gear (Theta).  And you finally must be able to shift from the second gear (Theta) in order to reach the first, slowest speed gear (Delta).

Just like each and every gear is important in the shift process of gear shifting on a bike ride, each brain wave frequency range is important to have in your brain in order to optimally deal with life’s experiences.  People who are able to shift their brain waves from a highly focused, motivated, fast-paced and excited (Beta) state to a more relaxed, flowing, calm state (Alpha) – are able to better deal with stressful situations and cope with life.  Unfortunately though, not everyone has the ability to get out of the overstimulated state of mind (Beta).

The ability to produce Alpha Brain Waves does not come easy for all people.  In fact, some people have never experienced them their entire lives.  These people don’t know what it feels like to slow down from stress or rapid-thinking.  There is nothing wrong with being in a Beta state of mind, however, if we access that state for too long and forget to return to Alpha, our mental health will suffer (e.g. lack of concentration) as well as the health of our body (e.g. high blood pressure from stress).

Alpha Brain Waves can be of benefit to you because they will help you stay relaxed and will literally melt away all of your stress.  They have been documented to improve learning, memory, and social interaction.  They also have been known to cure anxiety and insomnia in some individuals.  It is known that people who have lower anxiety tend to have significantly more Alpha Brainwave activity than those who are nerved up.

Another interesting benefit from Alpha brain waves is that they have been known to boost your immune system.  This basically translates to you getting sick less often.  If you take some time to think about this statement, it makes perfect sense due to the fact that people who are stressed out (e.g. in a Beta state) tend to get sick a lot.  Staying calm and relaxed will build up immunity and you sure won’t be getting sick as often.

Alpha Brain Waves have also been associated with creativity.  Researchers have discovered that most creative individuals tend to have more Alpha activity than those who are too logical and unoriginal.  So if you were to work on increasing your Alpha waves, you would almost positively be increasing your ability to tap into a highly creative state.  Problem solving, “super learning, and peak performance have also been known to skyrocket as a result of an increase in Alpha Brain Waves. If you would like more information regarding Alpha Brain Waves, I highly recommend checking out the articles below.


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Drugs That Increase Alpha Brain Waves

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In the previous article, I discussed how to Increase Your Alpha Brain Waves.  All of the methods that I discussed were generally healthy ways to increase your alpha brainwave activity.  In this article, I decided to provide you with basic information surrounding a couple of unhealthy ways to increase your alpha brain waves.  I am not going to tell you that alcohol and marijuana are terrible for your health – because I don’t know your individual situation.  However, I do not think these are beneficial ways to increase your alpha brainwaves due to the fact that:

1) They cost you money
2) They can potentially have long-term implications
3) Marijuana is illegal

With that said, I’ll describe more about each below:

  • 1.) Drinking Alcohol –  Though not the greatest thing in the world for your body, each time you consume alcohol, you’ll experience significant increases in alpha brain wave activity.  Part of the reason that alcoholics become addicted to alcohol is due to the fact that they need to drink to access their alpha brain wave state.  Their beta brain waves take over during the waking hours and their alpha EEG activity is significantly deficient.  Each time you get drunk, you do experience alpha brain waves, however, you do not consciously experience them – and you are certainly not training your brain to increase their production.
  • 2.) Smoking Marijuana – No matter your opinion about marijuana, it too does a nice job at increasing alpha brain wave production.  The reason people feel relaxed after smoking marijuana is due to significant increases in alpha brain waves.  Marijuana is actually more powerful than alcohol at increasing your alpha brainwaves.  Similar to alcohol, smoking marijuana will not allow you to achieve the fully conscious access to the alpha range like most people are striving for.

Better Ways to Increase Alpha Brain Waves:

There are certainly better ways to increase alpha brain wave activity than those mentioned above.  If drugs are what you’re into for the alpha increase, I hope you understand that they are unnecessary for significant increases in alpha production.  If you haven’t read the previous article discussing how you can naturally increase your alpha brain waves, I talk about techniques and exercises that will keep you consciously aware during the increase.  They also won’t leave you with a hangover or smelling smoked up.

How To Increase Alpha Brain Waves

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Unfortunately, many people don’t know what Alpha Brain Waves are, let alone how to most effectively increase them.  Fortunately, I have outlined healthy exercises you can use to naturally and significantly increase your alpha brain wave activity.  They are not organized in any particular hierarchy of effectiveness.  With any exercise, each will vary in the degree to which they will have an effect upon you.

How To Increase Your Alpha Brain Waves:

  • Utilizing Brainwave Entrainment Technology – Brainwave Entrainment is one of the most powerful methods on this list for tuning into your alpha brain waves.  I have recommended a list of the best brainwave entrainment programs – several of which you can test out for 30 Days before purchasing a copy.  All brainwave entrainment involves is listening to a specific tone through your speakers or headphones and allowing your brain wave state to match the audio stimulus.
  • Start a Meditation Routine – Meditation will get you into the alpha brainwave state fairly quickly after some practice (provided you know what your doing).  If you make meditation a daily practice or start up a routine, you will be able to tap into that alpha state.  The nice thing about meditation is that it’s free and very effective.  However, I do not think it is as effective as the combination of meditation with brainwave entrainment.  So even if you are meditating, consider trying it with entrainment software.  I like using brainwave entrainment software with meditation because you can control the exact frequency to which you access during your meditation.  It will also help you access alpha waves more quickly and more profoundly than it would if you used only meditation.
  • Hypnotizing Yourself – Yes, it’s possible to hypnotize yourself.  Many people are misguided in understanding self-hypnosis – which involves relaxing your body and listening to recorded suggestions to positively program your mind.  You are in full control the entire time (e.g. you cannot be forced to do something against your will).  The goal of self-hypnosis is to target the lower brainwave ranges (i.e. alpha and theta) and feed your brain with helpful patterns of thinking.  Hypnosis-Downloads has a wealth of great self-hypnosis sessions to try.
  • Closed-Eyes Visualization – Each and every time that you shut your eyes and attempt to visualize, your alpha brain waves profoundly increase.  If you are able to focus on pictures in your mind or using your imagination to create pictures, you know what it’s like to access alpha brain waves.  As with meditation, I prefer to utilize brainwave entrainment software to help me create a more vivid visualization.
  • Yoga, Yoga, Yoga – Though I don’t personally practice Yoga, it is another way to boost your alpha waves.  If you are feeling relaxed while practicing your yoga, then you know what it’s like to increase your alpha brain wave activity.  I’m not sure if I’d want to use brainwave entrainment while doing yoga – after all those poses can get pretty complicated ridiculous.
  • Deep-Breathing Exercises – Utilizing deep-breathing exercises is a quick way to tap into your alpha brain wave range.  Do a Google search and look up some deep breathing exercises.  Not only will deep-breathing amp up your alpha levels, it has been found to increase your brain’s oxygen level.
  • Guided Relaxation – This exercise is very similar to that of self-hypnosis; I happen to prefer self-hypnosis.  Basically, you listen to a soothing recording of a voice guiding you into deep relaxation and by the time the recording ends, you feel refreshed and relaxed.  The relaxing feeling that results is a result of an increase in your alpha brain waves.
  • Laying Under the Sun, Sitting in a Sauna, Hot-Tub – If you have ever gotten drowsy laying under the sun at the beach with your eyes closed, then you know what your alpha brain waves feel like; amazingly relaxing.  The same feeling of relaxation can result when you sit in a sauna or a hot-tub for awhile.  They cause your body to relax, and your brain waves usually follow; shifting to the alpha range.
  • Turn on the Television – If you are an avid T.V. junkie, your brain has produced its share of alpha brain waves.  After less than 1 minute of watching the tube, your brain’s alpha waves kick in.  However, in comparison to other methods on the list, the increase in alpha waves as a result of your T.V. watching is not very significant let alone helpful.  It’s not an option I recommend pursuing in order to increase your alpha waves due to the fact that they are more erratic than from utilizing other listed methods – which will put you in a full, more profound alpha brainwave state.


**Should everyone increase their Alpha Brain Waves?

Increasing Alpha Brain Waves may not be optimal for everyone, I recommend that you read the 2 articles below to get a better understanding about Alpha waves before increasing yours:

  1. Alpha Brain Waves: Definition, Functions, & Benefits
  2. Too Many Alpha Brain Waves Can Cause Problems

Can Too Many Alpha Brain Waves Cause Problems?

Article by Brain Waves Jr. under alpha brainwaves, Brain Waves | Be the First to Comment

Before you read this post, be sure to review this linked article about Alpha BrainWaves so that you don’t get any skewed or misguided impressions.

Can Alpha Brain Waves cause problems?

When a person becomes “stuck” in one brain wave range for prolonged periods of time and cannot seem to access another state, then problems can arise.  Though being in the alpha brain wave range is generally considered to be the safest state of mind, too much alpha brainwave activity can be a cause for concern.  You do not need to increase your alpha brain waves if you already feel you have plenty of alpha activity.  Though it is not common to experience problems from increasing your alpha brain waves, there may be drawbacks from doing so if you already had adequate alpha activity in the first place.

Too much Alpha Brain Wave activity may cause:

  • Difficulties in Your Ability to Focus – Though most people actually experience increased focus with an alpha brain wave increase, some individuals will clearly not benefit.  If you have ADD or feel that mental slowness is causing a difficulty in your ability to focus, increasing your alpha brain waves may make things worse.  Focus difficulties arising from alpha increases only apply to a minority of people.
  • I Can’t Stop Daydreaming… – Amplifying your alpha brain waves may cause too much unwanted daydreaming activity throughout your day.  If you are trying to cut back on daydreaming, then alpha waves are not suggested as a brain wave range to increase.  Having some daydreams throughout the day is healthy, but if you are already having too many, stay away from alpha waves.
  • Feeling Depressed – Though most people actually experience a natural antidepressant feeling from increasing alpha brain waves, some people become more depressed.  If alpha brain waves are making you feel depressed, it is likely that your brain’s left-hemisphere has too much slow-wave activity and not enough beta.  Synchronized alpha waves (i.e. the same amount in the left and right hemispheres of the brain) is not usually a sign of depression.  Here’s a little rule to follow: If your depression is resulting from overstimulation (e.g. stress, fear, anxiety), then an increase in alpha will be of benefit.  However, if you are sluggish, tired, drowsy and feel depressed (e.g. understimulation), you should stay away from the alpha range and use beta entrainment instead.
  • I Feel Tired… *Yawns* – If you are feeling tired during the day, drowsy, sleepy, or fatigued, your alpha waves do not need an increase.  Alpha brain waves have been linked to feeling tired in certain people.  When you are entraining alpha waves, you may experience temporary feelings of drowsiness; this is a sign that your brain waves are adjusting to a new frequency range.
  • Nothing is Exciting – This problem is fairly uncommon.  You may lack feelings of excitement if you already have too much alpha activity.  Though it is usually theta waves that are the primary culprit for this, alpha waves can sometimes play a role in your lack.   You may already feel relaxed and have a clear mind, but want some excitement back in your life; this is a sign that you already have adequate alpha activity.
  • Your Visual Awareness & Acuity – It makes perfect sense that alpha brain waves are associated with a lack of optical acuity and visual awareness due to the fact that when you close your eyes, alpha brainwave activity increases.  Simply put:  the visual processing center in your brain slows down.  I experienced a noticeable shift in my vision system after partaking in alpha entrainment.

The final word:

Alpha brain waves are usually very beneficial to increase in comparison to other ranges.  There are also significantly less resulting problems from increasing the alpha range than other ranges.  Re-read the primary article describing Alpha Waves and decide for yourself whether an increase in this brain wave range would be of benefit to you.  If you have decided that an increase in Alpha brain waves would be helpful – I have many featured products that will quickly get you into an alpha state.  I recommend Neuro-Programmer 2 and MindWorkstation for the most powerful alpha entrainment.

Alpha Brain Waves: Definition, Functions, & Benefits

Article by Brain Waves Jr. under alpha brainwaves, Brain Waves | Be the First to Comment

What are Alpha Brain Waves?

Alpha Brain Waves are a sign of relaxed activity in your brain. Alpha brainwaves are defined as brain waves that cycle between the frequency 8 Hz – 12 Hz.  They are commonly produced in synchronized fashion connecting both hemispheres of your brain, though they can be found solely in the right hemisphere as well.  Alpha brainwaves are the dominant brain wave activity when your body and mind are able to relax.  If you have ever practiced meditation, yoga, or even felt relaxed after drinking alcohol – you have experienced alpha brain waves.

Alpha brain wave activity is common among highly creative individuals who have a clear mind or are experiencing relaxation.  If you close your eyes for a minute or so, your alpha brain wave activity will significantly increase.  As you open your eyes, the more stressful beta brain waves become the dominant pattern.  In comparison, as a child you will have had significantly greater amounts of alpha brain wave activity than you will as an adult.  Alpha brain waves have long been considered to be regarded as the healthiest brain wave range, but also the “safest” brain wave range to entrain – especially at 10 Hz (e.g. 10 cycles per second).

As an early teen or child, you likely had a dominant alpha brainwave pattern.  Should you choose to experience a dominant alpha brain wave again, I recommend checking the products section.  Most of the products recommended will do a nice job at increasing your alpha brain wave activity.  I want to make it clear that there isn’t a single brain wave state that is “better” than the others to be in – each have their advantages and disadvantages.  However, most people are lacking in at least one brain wave pattern.  For the majority of individuals, alpha brain waves happen to be the lacking frequency range.  Things like environmental stressors, fear, anxiety, tension, and overworking tend to deplete your alpha wave activity.  Below, I will outline several benefits of alpha brain waves and also discuss ways in which you can naturally increase your alpha activity.

Benefits of Alpha Brain Waves:

  • Relaxing Thoughts / Relaxed Body – The alpha brainwave is produced when your body calms down and your mind is completely relaxed.  Your brain’s thinking is slower, your mind is clear and you may even feel slightly drowsy.  Your body has zero stress, tension, anxiety, or other feelings of being nervous.  Increasing your alpha brain wave activity is a profound way to reduce your stress.
  • Access Creative States – If you consider yourself to have above-average creativity, chances are that you often experience an alpha brain wave state.  Artists, innovative thinkers, and singers are generally found to have higher alpha activity than the average person.  If you feel that your creativity is lacking, an increase in your alpha waves will feel great.
  • Enhanced Problem Solving –  Most people cannot seem to tap their alpha waves to help them problem solve.  Alpha waves integrate both hemispheres of your brain for better communication and clearer thinking.  The problem with lacking alpha waves is that your left-hemisphere is pulling all the weight in solving a problem, when your right-hemisphere has a solution waiting to communicate to the left.  Increasing your alpha brain waves can benefit artists, writers (for writers block), and creative thinkers.  You certainly won’t feel mentally “stuck” in the alpha state.  In order to tap your inner creativity, your brain must be able to produce synchronous bursts of alpha waves.
  • Calming, Centered Emotions – Alpha brain waves will put you in a calm emotional state.  You will not feel powerful emotions, however, you will feel “content” and centered.  If you are stressed out or nerved up, you likely haven’t had access to the alpha brain waves in a long time.  Getting back in an alpha state will stabilize your intense emotions and you will feel good about yourself.
  • Optimal Athletic Performance – Interestingly enough, if you are an athlete, you could significantly improve your performance by entraining some alpha brain waves.  There is published evidence showing that just before a golfer hits their best shot or a basketball player sinks a shot (think LeBron and Kobe), alpha activity bursts in the left-hemisphere of their brain.  Elite marksmen also have shown a significant burst of alpha wave activity before perfect shots.  Also unique is the fact that the EEG’s (brain wave measurement) of pro-athletes are very likely to display the alpha rhythm, whereas newbie athletes and even decent athletes do not demonstrate any alpha activity.  The best brain wave to entrain for peak performance has been widely considered to be 10 Hz (i.e. 10 cycles per second).  I encourage athletes to give some alpha entrainment a shot and see if it puts you “in the zone.”
  • Reductions of Fear, Tension, Stress, Nervousness, Anxiety – Increasing your alpha brain waves automatically leads to decreasing your fears, tension, stress, nerves, and anxiety.  If you have ever gotten so caught up in a stressful or fearful state, that you literally “forgot how to relax,” then having the ability to increase your alpha brain waves would feel like you’ve been given a miracle drug.
  • Everything Seems to “Flow” – Being able to access “flow” means that you are able to tap a state of mind where all of life’s events seem to pass quickly and all challenges are easily and quickly overcome.  “Flow” is a period of time when you do not have any resistance or problems.  You are in a mental state with optimal brain wave stimulation – you are not thinking too rapidly as to stress yourself out, yet you are also not thinking too slow as to be tired; you are right in the middle between the two.  You feel “balanced” and understand that you are in a desirable state of mental functioning.
  • Ability to Tap “Super Learning” – The ability to learn quickly and effortlessly has been described as the phenomena of “super learning.”  Basically, your brain is able to remember and recall information with less effort than normal.  Alpha waves will allow your brain to retain large quantities of information.  This is due to the fact that both hemispheres of your brain are integrated and communicating with each other.
  • Improved Immune System Functioning – Your alpha waves are responsible for amping up your immune system.  They have been linked to health, recovery from sickness, and serve as protection from stress-related illnesses.  Stress can quickly ramp up damage on your immune system if you go long periods without taking some time to relax; thus increasing alpha activity.
  • Think Positive – Research indicates that due to the calm, wellbeing as a result of increasing alpha brain wave activity, positive thinking and positive emotions also result.  I can personally testify for this one – after having gotten caught up in stress for a prolonged period – my thinking became increasingly positive after a few sessions of alpha entrainment; likely resulting from increased mental peace and calmness.
  • Alpha Brain Waves = Nautral Antidepressant – Alpha brain waves allow for increased release of an important neurotransmitter called “Serotonin.”  Serotonin production usually drops to lower than normal levels in your brain when you feel depressed.  In fact, most antidepressants nowdays aim to increase low levels of serotonin in the brain (do a search for “SSRI’s” to find out more).  For these reasons, it makes sense that alpha brain waves may help ward off your blues.
  • Internal Awareness – Alpha brainwaves are associated with an increased awareness of your self: body and mind. Where as beta brainwaves cause the mind to focus more on external events, the alpha brainwaves enhance the overall awareness of one’s self.

People with Higher than Average Amounts of Alpha Brain Waves

  • Outgoing People, Extroverts – Generally, if you are more outgoing and consider yourself extroverted, you have more alpha brain waves than introverts.  The consensus seems to be that if you have plenty of alpha activity, you are more than 3X as likely to be outgoing.  It makes perfect sense – introverts are less comfortable during social interaction – whereas being social comes natural for extroverts.
  • People who Meditate – If you practice meditation, then you have definitely accessed the alpha brain wave state.  Each time as you close your eyes to meditate, you experience a surge of alpha brain wave activity.  If you want to naturally increase your alpha activity, try meditation.
  • As a Child – As a child, you tend to experience much greater activity in the alpha range.  As you age, your brain shifts away from alpha to another range (commonly the beta range).  It is important to recognize that even though you are not still a child, you can still have access to alpha waves.  The majority of the adult population would benefit from increasing their alpha brain waves.

To Quickly Ramp-Up Your Alpha Brain Waves:

I highly recommend that you purchase either Neuro-Programmer 2 or Mind WorkStation.  If you want a nice, quick significant alpha increase both these products do a great job.  If you want a more advanced training protocol, I recommend the Mind WorkStation (which is more expensive).  Mind Stereo will increase your alpha activity, however, it is not as effective as the other two.  You can give all the products I just mentioned a 30 Day Trial before purchasing, so I suggest you see how well they work for you before making an investment.

If you do decide to give these products a shot, it would be awesome if you could share your experience with others in the comments section of this website.  If you are interested in experiencing some alpha brainwaves or have any questions for me, feel free to send me a message through my contact form – I may start selling customized entrainment sessions as well, so feel free to keep in touch.

**For further reading, check out the article Too Many Alpha Brain Waves Causing Problems.