Beta Brain Waves Information

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What Are Beta Brain Waves?

Beta Brain Waves are considered to be among the fastest brainwave frequencies and are documented as brain waves within the frequency range of 12 Hz – 38 Hz (or 12 to 38 cycles per second).  They are typically produced by the left hemisphere of your brain, but can be synchronized.  Each time you solve a tough math problem, logic puzzle, or read a book, your Beta Brain Waves kick in.

People who think logically tend to have a lot of Beta Brainwave activity.  Adults tend to have more Beta Brainwaves than children and teens – and Beta Brain Waves have been known to increase as you get older.  In the majority of healthy adults, Beta Waves seem to be the dominant rhythm.  Beta Waves have also been associated with an increased ability to focus on our external reality.  When we experience too many Beta Brain Waves, there can be problems like stress and anxiety.  However, when produced in normal amounts, there are definitely many benefits to be had from experiencing Beta Brain Waves.

How Can You Experience Beta Brain Waves?

If you want to experience logical thinking, the ability to think more critically, and cultivate the ability to be quick-witted, then you may want to experience Beta Brain Waves.  People who have increased their Beta Waves have been known to increase their I.Q. and productivity.  Beta Brain Waves have also been associated as being a natural antidepressant (similar to Gamma Brain Waves).  People have recorded that they were able to experience more motivation after increasing their Beta Brainwaves.

Tapping the highly energetic mental state of Beta is very possible now that there is such solid, scientifically supported brainwave technology.  Cultivating brainwave flexibility by learning how to access other brainwave states of awareness like Beta is a valuable skill.  There are many benefits and new experiences that can be had by experiencing an altered state of consciousness.  If you’d like to experience Beta Brain Waves, I suggest that you check out some brainwave products – many of which you can test out for free before you buy.  Read below for more benefits that result from Beta Brainwave Entrainment.

Benefits Of Beta Brain Waves

If you are able to access your Beta Brainwave state, you will know and understand exactly what it feels like.  When you are in a Beta State, you are far from relaxed.  You may have a lot of energy in the form of nervousness, excitement, or anxiety.  When you are in a Beta Brainwaves state, you are able to think rapidly and quickly come up with logical solutions to problems.  The Beta Waves state is ideal for solving math problems, conducting research, reading books, and writing articles.  Each time a student takes a test, they experience a large surge in their Beta Brainwave activity.

Another side-effect from having lots of Beta Wave activity is being more socially outgoing.  Talk-show hosts, lawyers, radio announcers, and people involved in debates tend to experience significant increases in their Beta Brainwave activity each time they begin talking.  Beta Waves increase your ability to hold an interesting and stimulating conversation with others.  You also have feelings of excitement and energy while talking to someone else.

Due to the fact that excitement and nervous energy accompany the Beta Range, many people experience leaps in their motivation to take action.  If you’ve ever read about someone being able to perform an amazing feat out of fear (i.e. out of adrenaline), then you understand that these Beta Waves can be highly motivating and action-oriented.  If you’ve ever run away from someone because you were scared – your Beta Brain Waves kicked in at their highest levels.

It is natural that people become more goal oriented when their Beta Waves dominate their mental activity.  Though they may be using this fear or excitement type energy, it does produce results.  You can get a heck of a lot better performance out of someone who is performing as if their life depended on it – versus someone who is calm and not very concerned with how they end up performing.  It is because of this increase in energy from the Beta State that sometimes peak performance is associated with the higher-range Beta frequencies.

If you want higher levels of focus, to think quickly and efficiently, and be able to have more energy – then Beta Brain Waves are the exact frequency range you are looking for.  In healthy amounts, Beta Brain Waves can greatly improve your writing and literary ability and can even increase your I.Q.  If you are interested in experiencing the Beta Brain Wave Range for yourself, check out the products section and try a free 30 day trial.