How To Increase Alpha Brain Waves

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Unfortunately, many people don’t know what Alpha Brain Waves are, let alone how to most effectively increase them.  Fortunately, I have outlined healthy exercises you can use to naturally and significantly increase your alpha brain wave activity.  They are not organized in any particular hierarchy of effectiveness.  With any exercise, each will vary in the degree to which they will have an effect upon you.

How To Increase Your Alpha Brain Waves:

  • Utilizing Brainwave Entrainment Technology – Brainwave Entrainment is one of the most powerful methods on this list for tuning into your alpha brain waves.  I have recommended a list of the best brainwave entrainment programs – several of which you can test out for 30 Days before purchasing a copy.  All brainwave entrainment involves is listening to a specific tone through your speakers or headphones and allowing your brain wave state to match the audio stimulus.
  • Start a Meditation Routine – Meditation will get you into the alpha brainwave state fairly quickly after some practice (provided you know what your doing).  If you make meditation a daily practice or start up a routine, you will be able to tap into that alpha state.  The nice thing about meditation is that it’s free and very effective.  However, I do not think it is as effective as the combination of meditation with brainwave entrainment.  So even if you are meditating, consider trying it with entrainment software.  I like using brainwave entrainment software with meditation because you can control the exact frequency to which you access during your meditation.  It will also help you access alpha waves more quickly and more profoundly than it would if you used only meditation.
  • Hypnotizing Yourself – Yes, it’s possible to hypnotize yourself.  Many people are misguided in understanding self-hypnosis – which involves relaxing your body and listening to recorded suggestions to positively program your mind.  You are in full control the entire time (e.g. you cannot be forced to do something against your will).  The goal of self-hypnosis is to target the lower brainwave ranges (i.e. alpha and theta) and feed your brain with helpful patterns of thinking.  Hypnosis-Downloads has a wealth of great self-hypnosis sessions to try.
  • Closed-Eyes Visualization – Each and every time that you shut your eyes and attempt to visualize, your alpha brain waves profoundly increase.  If you are able to focus on pictures in your mind or using your imagination to create pictures, you know what it’s like to access alpha brain waves.  As with meditation, I prefer to utilize brainwave entrainment software to help me create a more vivid visualization.
  • Yoga, Yoga, Yoga – Though I don’t personally practice Yoga, it is another way to boost your alpha waves.  If you are feeling relaxed while practicing your yoga, then you know what it’s like to increase your alpha brain wave activity.  I’m not sure if I’d want to use brainwave entrainment while doing yoga – after all those poses can get pretty complicated ridiculous.
  • Deep-Breathing Exercises – Utilizing deep-breathing exercises is a quick way to tap into your alpha brain wave range.  Do a Google search and look up some deep breathing exercises.  Not only will deep-breathing amp up your alpha levels, it has been found to increase your brain’s oxygen level.
  • Guided Relaxation – This exercise is very similar to that of self-hypnosis; I happen to prefer self-hypnosis.  Basically, you listen to a soothing recording of a voice guiding you into deep relaxation and by the time the recording ends, you feel refreshed and relaxed.  The relaxing feeling that results is a result of an increase in your alpha brain waves.
  • Laying Under the Sun, Sitting in a Sauna, Hot-Tub – If you have ever gotten drowsy laying under the sun at the beach with your eyes closed, then you know what your alpha brain waves feel like; amazingly relaxing.  The same feeling of relaxation can result when you sit in a sauna or a hot-tub for awhile.  They cause your body to relax, and your brain waves usually follow; shifting to the alpha range.
  • Turn on the Television – If you are an avid T.V. junkie, your brain has produced its share of alpha brain waves.  After less than 1 minute of watching the tube, your brain’s alpha waves kick in.  However, in comparison to other methods on the list, the increase in alpha waves as a result of your T.V. watching is not very significant let alone helpful.  It’s not an option I recommend pursuing in order to increase your alpha waves due to the fact that they are more erratic than from utilizing other listed methods – which will put you in a full, more profound alpha brainwave state.


**Should everyone increase their Alpha Brain Waves?

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