Drugs That Increase Alpha Brain Waves

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In the previous article, I discussed how to Increase Your Alpha Brain Waves.  All of the methods that I discussed were generally healthy ways to increase your alpha brainwave activity.  In this article, I decided to provide you with basic information surrounding a couple of unhealthy ways to increase your alpha brain waves.  I am not going to tell you that alcohol and marijuana are terrible for your health – because I don’t know your individual situation.  However, I do not think these are beneficial ways to increase your alpha brainwaves due to the fact that:

1) They cost you money
2) They can potentially have long-term implications
3) Marijuana is illegal

With that said, I’ll describe more about each below:

  • 1.) Drinking Alcohol –  Though not the greatest thing in the world for your body, each time you consume alcohol, you’ll experience significant increases in alpha brain wave activity.  Part of the reason that alcoholics become addicted to alcohol is due to the fact that they need to drink to access their alpha brain wave state.  Their beta brain waves take over during the waking hours and their alpha EEG activity is significantly deficient.  Each time you get drunk, you do experience alpha brain waves, however, you do not consciously experience them – and you are certainly not training your brain to increase their production.
  • 2.) Smoking Marijuana – No matter your opinion about marijuana, it too does a nice job at increasing alpha brain wave production.  The reason people feel relaxed after smoking marijuana is due to significant increases in alpha brain waves.  Marijuana is actually more powerful than alcohol at increasing your alpha brainwaves.  Similar to alcohol, smoking marijuana will not allow you to achieve the fully conscious access to the alpha range like most people are striving for.

Better Ways to Increase Alpha Brain Waves:

There are certainly better ways to increase alpha brain wave activity than those mentioned above.  If drugs are what you’re into for the alpha increase, I hope you understand that they are unnecessary for significant increases in alpha production.  If you haven’t read the previous article discussing how you can naturally increase your alpha brain waves, I talk about techniques and exercises that will keep you consciously aware during the increase.  They also won’t leave you with a hangover or smelling smoked up.