Can Too Many Alpha Brain Waves Cause Problems?

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Before you read this post, be sure to review this linked article about Alpha BrainWaves so that you don’t get any skewed or misguided impressions.

Can Alpha Brain Waves cause problems?

When a person becomes “stuck” in one brain wave range for prolonged periods of time and cannot seem to access another state, then problems can arise.  Though being in the alpha brain wave range is generally considered to be the safest state of mind, too much alpha brainwave activity can be a cause for concern.  You do not need to increase your alpha brain waves if you already feel you have plenty of alpha activity.  Though it is not common to experience problems from increasing your alpha brain waves, there may be drawbacks from doing so if you already had adequate alpha activity in the first place.

Too much Alpha Brain Wave activity may cause:

  • Difficulties in Your Ability to Focus – Though most people actually experience increased focus with an alpha brain wave increase, some individuals will clearly not benefit.  If you have ADD or feel that mental slowness is causing a difficulty in your ability to focus, increasing your alpha brain waves may make things worse.  Focus difficulties arising from alpha increases only apply to a minority of people.
  • I Can’t Stop Daydreaming… – Amplifying your alpha brain waves may cause too much unwanted daydreaming activity throughout your day.  If you are trying to cut back on daydreaming, then alpha waves are not suggested as a brain wave range to increase.  Having some daydreams throughout the day is healthy, but if you are already having too many, stay away from alpha waves.
  • Feeling Depressed – Though most people actually experience a natural antidepressant feeling from increasing alpha brain waves, some people become more depressed.  If alpha brain waves are making you feel depressed, it is likely that your brain’s left-hemisphere has too much slow-wave activity and not enough beta.  Synchronized alpha waves (i.e. the same amount in the left and right hemispheres of the brain) is not usually a sign of depression.  Here’s a little rule to follow: If your depression is resulting from overstimulation (e.g. stress, fear, anxiety), then an increase in alpha will be of benefit.  However, if you are sluggish, tired, drowsy and feel depressed (e.g. understimulation), you should stay away from the alpha range and use beta entrainment instead.
  • I Feel Tired… *Yawns* – If you are feeling tired during the day, drowsy, sleepy, or fatigued, your alpha waves do not need an increase.  Alpha brain waves have been linked to feeling tired in certain people.  When you are entraining alpha waves, you may experience temporary feelings of drowsiness; this is a sign that your brain waves are adjusting to a new frequency range.
  • Nothing is Exciting – This problem is fairly uncommon.  You may lack feelings of excitement if you already have too much alpha activity.  Though it is usually theta waves that are the primary culprit for this, alpha waves can sometimes play a role in your lack.   You may already feel relaxed and have a clear mind, but want some excitement back in your life; this is a sign that you already have adequate alpha activity.
  • Your Visual Awareness & Acuity – It makes perfect sense that alpha brain waves are associated with a lack of optical acuity and visual awareness due to the fact that when you close your eyes, alpha brainwave activity increases.  Simply put:  the visual processing center in your brain slows down.  I experienced a noticeable shift in my vision system after partaking in alpha entrainment.

The final word:

Alpha brain waves are usually very beneficial to increase in comparison to other ranges.  There are also significantly less resulting problems from increasing the alpha range than other ranges.  Re-read the primary article describing Alpha Waves and decide for yourself whether an increase in this brain wave range would be of benefit to you.  If you have decided that an increase in Alpha brain waves would be helpful – I have many featured products that will quickly get you into an alpha state.  I recommend Neuro-Programmer 2 and MindWorkstation for the most powerful alpha entrainment.

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